Close Partners


Provitello ( was formed in 2006 as a joint venture of CY Heifer Farm and the Grober Group of Ontario, Canada to produce veal.  Grober is a well-established veal producer in Canada and was looking to establish production in the United States after the mad cow event that closed the border.  The joint venture allowed for synergies with the heifer operation.  Provitello raises milk fed veal calves, a by-product of the area dairy industry, for 20 weeks to about 575 pounds.  The 1,000 head facility markets 2,500 calves per year.  Jurian Bartelse is the manager and operates the facility with a staff of 2.  CY Heifer recently sold its remaining interest to Grober in 2009, however the two operations work very closely together and share labor and equipment resources daily. 

Vegetal ID ( is the American branch of a French company, Le Prieuré, one of leading green roof companies in Europe.  A green roof is a living roof designed to be aesthetically pleasing and built to reduce and manage storm water runoff.  In 2010, Le Preiure was growing and looking for a location and partner to start North American production of their product. They realized that Batavia was a perfect location being within 500 miles of 40% of the population of U.S. and Canada. As Vegetal ID continues to grow, CY provides land and buildings as part of a close working relationship with Vegetal. 

Batavia Soccer Park (  was created in 2010 as a partnership between Batavia Turf, the Town of Batavia & Ted Hawley as the park coordinator.  The park is a turf athletic facility owned by CY Properties that now encompasses 12 full size soccer fields.  Batavia Turf handles the maintenance of the facility. Empire United, a soccer club organization is the coordinator, in partnership with Town of Batavia and Batavia Turf. The facility is used mostly for soccer but is also utilized for other activities including rugby, football, & ultimate Frisbee. In 2014, there were over 14,000 visitors & participants at the park. Users from all over the Northeast U.S. have used the park because of its exceptional playing surfaces & large number of fields in one site.